Peer to Peer Data Sharing

OERCA Users will often want to share particular reports, charts or other information with other people in their profession. These peers may or may not be current OERCA Users.

To facilitate this sharing and consultation, OERCA development plans include a simple method to send an email invitation to one or more peers allowing them to view the selected data; be it a Therapy Plan, blood sample analysis, radiography or a necropsy report for instance. The recipients of the emails will receive a URL with encoded key to hyperlink directly from their e-mail invitation to the data the OERCA User wishes to share.

Security is paramount here as IP addresses will be recorded, sharing times will expire and navigation to any other feature will not be present. This provides instant, secure sharing without the problems of downloading various types of documents and the problem inherent in trying to share a multitude of relational data as email attachments.

data sharing


data sharing