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The One Earth Research & Conservation App (OERCA) is a Software-as-a-service web application (think Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365 or Dropbox, among many others). Users can easily access OERCA from any computer connected to the internet using a standard browser.


By becoming an OERCA user, you benefit from the most advanced flexible core technology available, all without the IT responsibilities and costs.

No Software to Install                  Flexible Plans                  Flexible Billing                   Access Anywhere, Anytime

Plans & Pricing

*Contact us for a custom quote on OERCA Ultimate enterprise plans

Apples to Apples

Or icebergs to icebergs?  Either way, assessing the true cost of software solutions is not as simple as what you see on the surface. 

Consider the many benefits of OERCA:

  • Accessible Anywhere

  • Unlimited Support Options

  • Easily Configurable

  • Device Compatibility

  • User-level Language Preferences

  • Data Storage Included

  • Pricing based on Actual Users

  • Robust Application Security

Additional Information 
  • No IT Responsibility or Cost

  • Failover & Backup Provided

  • Private, Dedicated Servers (Best in Class)

  • Professional Datacenters (IBM)

  • Beautiful User Interface

  • Pricing based on User Tiers or ranges

    • When determining the number of users, include animal care providers, veterinary personnel and management personnel that will require routine access to OERCA (select reports allow non-registered users as recipients). ​


  • License subscription is annual

    • Monthly or annual billing options are available (up to 10% savings possible with pre-paid annual subscriptions)​.

  • Everything you need to start using OERCA is included

    • Data storage and backup included.

    • No software to install or update (only a browser and internet connection required).

    • Unlimited support (Premium & Ultimate).

  • All accounts receive unrestricted access to OERCA’s extensive Knowledge Base and training tutorials​.

  • Custom development available. Additional rates may apply.


  • OERCA Dive Module can be used independent of other systems.  



         1.  Please note, in order to maintain security standards, sharing of user accounts is prohibited

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