Our team will often use a service called "WebEx" to demonstrate the OERCA system and tutor Members during the provisioning process. This platform allows us to share our desktop screen and "walk" through OERCA live. Participants do NOT need a WebEx account to join a call.


The audio portion of a WebEx call can be achieved using your computer as long as it has a microphone and speakers; or you can connect to the audio portion by calling into the phone number that is provided in each WebEx email invitation. To join a WebEx call, just complete the following steps:


You will receive an email that looks like one of the two emails shown below.  You will either click the “JOIN"button, or the text hyper link, depending on which type of email invitation was sent to you.


EXAMPLE 2 - Text Hyper-link


When you click on the text hyper-link (or "JOIN" button), a new window will appear in your browser.  Simply enter your display name and email address and press the “JOIN AS GUEST” button.


You can join the audio portion of the WebEx call by dialing into the phone number (and entering the access code) that is included within your email invitation. You may also join the audio portion of WebEx using your computer (which is usually the preferred method).  Your computer just needs to have a microphone and speakers. To join the audio using your computer, click on the large headphone icon in the center-left of the WebEx window that says “Call Using Computer”.

When your computer is connecting to the audio portion, you should see a window similar to the one shown below confirming that the connection is underway.  When the connection is complete, you will see a green check-mark and confirmation.  YOU MUST CLOSE THE AUDIO CONFERENCE WINDOW TO COMPLETE THIS PROCESS.  If this window is left open, the audio connection will not complete.

You may have to test your audio connection during the above process.  If so, you will be prompted and will see a window such as the one below.  You can test both your speakers and microphone by selecting your source from the drop-down menus and following the prompts in each window. Again, you must close this window out by pressing the “OK” button in the lower right hand corner before a successful connection can be made.

It is very important to make sure all pop-up windows during the audio connection are closed when finished.  If these windows remain open, the final audio connection will not be successful. 

WebEx Conference Call Tips
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