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Animal Welfare Management
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Aquarium Management

Animal care software.

The most comprehensive yet simple to use animal welfare management application available. 


Animal Welfare System

We love animals.
We love technology.
We know that timely & accurate data tells a story vital not only to the one, but for the whole of species preservation.
We love what we do.



Perpetual improvement.
By leveraging the direct feedback of a global membership spanning numerous disciplines in animal care & welfare.

The Big Picture

Our team believes deeply in the mission and importance of the human-animal relationship. We live in a time where emotion drives opinion and opinion dictates fact at "like-speed." Our time is also the beginning of what some expect to be the most destructive extinction event in studied history, caused in large part by human impact.

Current generations are faced with serious decisions if we are to preserve our wildlife. The human bond with the animal kingdom has never been more important than right now. Experts are our conservation heroes, animal sciences is their arsenal and accurate information is the lifeblood empowering both. There is only One Earth.

Elephant record keeping
Aquarium Record keeping Program

The App


Behavior & Enrichment




The Animal Welfare App offers a complete Health and Clinical management system with many highly configurable menus to meet specific needs. 

Representing some of the most frequently utilized components in the system, our daily record tools have evolved to combine the perfect blend of form and function! 

Our powerful environmental management suite covers a broad spectrum of monitoring parameters and offers extensive alerts, analysis and reporting.   

Take care of daily census management with a variety of tools that fit any need. View census by species, exhibit, status and more...
even update your numbers on our mobile app while doing rounds. 

Our consolidated exhibit tools allow you to view all activities for each habitat chronologically, track environment, maintenance, diving, feeding and general Area/Exhibit Notebook to keep notes on, well...anything.

“The Animal Welfare App has significantly improved operations and forever benefited our animal's welfare”

— Enterprise Member Review

Bear management biology
Wildlife Management software
Nature Management Program
Dive Operations Program
Dive Log Software

Dive Log



Incident Log

Events Tracking

Active Dives

Dive Tables


Weather History


Dive Log Approval

Guest Diver Console

Dive Schedule



Media Center

Dive Module

Marine Mammal Software
Private Demo

We regularly host webinar's that demonstrate the many features of The Animal Welfare App.


Sign up below to attend a scheduled webinar, or Contact Us if you'd like to schedule a private demonstration.   

Ocean Welfare Program

We have been working with The Animal Welfare App as our primary Animal Training Record Keeping system since 2014 and are very happy! The trainers find the system easy to use and with its mobile nature our Supervisors and Managers find that staff are spending more time with the animals and less time on the computer!

We are very happy to be part of the OERCA family."

~ Wayne Phillips, Zoological Operations Manager
Dolphin Adventures & Cabo Dolphins

Aquarium tank software
Aquarium Management Software

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