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             The daily welfare metric includes utilization and efficiency

      measures by category. All metrics are consolidated into one

 easy to review Animal Welfare Score or AWS assessed for each individual animal and collection group...every 24 hours.        

      Integrated, real-time assessment quantified from the same information and records you maintain every day right now.

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The Animal Welfare App.

Make Animal Welfare Insight a Daily Care Tool

Establish a Formal Welfare Assessment Program

Quantified, Integrated Welfare Assessment in Real-Time

Caregiver & Veterinary Qualitative Assessments

Company & Facility Baseline Policy Metrics


Actionable Welfare Metrics


  Over 108 profile formulas covering 11 categories are assessed daily, providing welfare trending over time.

Quantified Animal Welfare Scoring

The Animal Welfare App includes a fully-integrated, fully automated Animal Welfare Assessment System (AWAS). 

While caregivers or health professionals can add qualitative assessments at will, the true power of the system comes from a series of algorithms that quantify normal record activity...daily.

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