OERCA's companion mobile app is designed to compliment the full desktop suite and provide the ideal platform for recording data while in the field and on the move. Here are just some of the things you can do with OERCA Mobile:

Record Session, Feed or Conditioning records 

Report Incidents (with automated alerts)

Complete Census transactions, including:




Enter body weights

Administer Prescriptions & Supplements

Take a group respiration

Check-off operational inspection lists

Record water test results (with range monitors)

Report issues via the Hot Sheet tool

Upload images

Alert the team with a Priority Notice

Best of all, once you've logged in and gathered the details of food, medications and operational data you don't need an internet connection. OERCA's mobile app will look for a connection later and syncronize data with our servers. Take care of your animals and let us worry about the rest. 

Welfare Management at your fingertips

(or thumbs)


"Our USDA inspector was thrilled with the ease of reviewing our records.  It is extremely convenient and time saving to have comprehensive animal records ranging from food charts, veterinary profiles, and full facility records at the touch of a finger.

OERCA has significantly decreased the amount of time the staff spends creating dependable records from level one trainers to the Director of Operations.  Less time loading records on redundant systems equals more time for program development, proactive planning, better communication, and most importantly, more time with the animals.

The advent of priority notices, selective or full facility messaging, and remote access with whole population dashboard monitoring has provided managers an excellent platform for better decision making in real time."

~ Art Cooper, Curator/Director of Operations

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